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Protecting Our Camouflaged Neighbors: The Chameleons of the Botanical Park

Dear neighbors and friends,

For a long time, we have lived surrounded by a vast diversity of flora and fauna that make our home unique. Within this wonderful biodiversity, we coexist with one particular species that deserves our attention and care: the common chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon).

Recently, an increasing presence of these astonishing reptiles has been identified in the vicinity of our urbanization, and unfortunately, on the access road to it. These chameleons, with their camouflage ability and their slow movement, are vulnerable to being run over, especially when vehicles travel at high speeds.

Why should we care for these chameleons?

The common chameleon is protected by various national and regional laws due to its uniqueness and the need to conserve biodiversity. Additionally, these animals offer essential ecosystem services, such as natural pest control, feeding on insects like flies and mosquitoes.

Measures adopted to protect our camouflaged neighbors:

  • Signage: Vertical danger signs will be placed to warn of the presence of chameleons in critical areas, accompanied by signs to reduce the speed to 30 km/h.

  • Speed bumps: To further reduce the speed of vehicles, speed bumps will be installed at strategic points.

  • Citizen awareness: Leaflets will be distributed, and informative posters will be placed at key points in the urbanization. The idea is to educate residents and visitors about the presence of these reptiles and how we can coexist peacefully with them.

  • Connectivity between populations: We will promote the maintenance of a suitable habitat for chameleons, ensuring the preservation of shrubs and trees, and limiting pruning.

  • Breeding areas: A dedicated space will be created and protected for female chameleons to lay their eggs in a safe environment, away from predators and domestic animals.

  • Avoid pesticides To protect our chameleons diet and ensure a healthy ecosystem, it is crucial to avoid the use of pesticides and insecticides in the urbanization.

How can you help?

  • Obey traffic signs and the new speed limits in the urbanization.

  • Inform and educate others: Knowing about the presence and needs of these reptiles is the first step. Spread the message among your neighbors and visitors.

  • Be respectful of nature: Avoid altering the natural habitat of chameleons and other animals that share our space.

  • Report sightings: If you see a chameleon, especially in areas where they may be in danger, inform the relevant authorities or the maintenance team of the urbanization.

Let's remember that we are fortunate to live in a space so rich in biodiversity. Chameleons, with their slow movement and unique camouflage, remind us of the beauty and fragility of nature. Let's protect and value this wonderful coexistence.

For a greener and friendlier Parque Botánico for all its inhabitants.

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