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Chameleons. Letter to the City Council

There is a population of the common chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon), an endangered species, located in the vicinity of our development, specifically on both sides of the access road. The common chameleon has a reduced habitat area. In Europe, it is found on the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in Malaga. Therefore, and due to the importance of protecting the species from the numerous chameleon roadkills that we have witnessed recently on this lane, as vehicles travel at speeds above the allowed limit which prevent the sighting of these animals crossing, and also due to the change in gradient on a stretch of the road that likewise hinders vision,


The Department of Environment of the Benahavis City Council to adopt measures to protect the species, such as the placement of vertical signs warning of the presence of these animals to alert road users, a measure already adopted by city councils like that of Chiclana, as well as the creation and implementation of different initiatives to acknowledge, recover, and conserve this population of Chamaeleo Chamaeleon in our municipality, and such is the commitment of the Benahavis City Council to and with the Environment that we have no doubt that this will be the case.



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