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News regarding the opening of the indoor pool

Dear owners,

We are sending this circular to inform you of the latest news regarding the opening of the indoor pool.

About four weeks ago, in mid-October, we contacted a company in charge of heating the water in the pool to come and finish the work that was pending to be able to open the pool on the date set, November 15, and they indicated at that time that they would take some time but that it would be ready by the agreed date. As you may have noticed, the completion of this work has taken longer than the time that was initially set for us.

That is why since then, we have been calling and claiming assiduously so that the pool can be ready as soon as possible.

And in this regard, we indicate that today we have obtained an answer from them and they have informed us that tomorrow they will come to the community to make one of the arrangements that were planned for the heating of the water. Apart from this, we are told that with the installation of some machinery, the pool should be working properly soon.

We cannot indicate an opening date at this time, but if the new deadlines are correct and continue, the pool should be able to open at the end of this month.

We remain in constant contact with this company so that the situation does not continue to be delayed.

Hoping that this setback can be solved as soon as possible, best regards.

The Administration.


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