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Jacuzzi Incident

Dear Residents;

Following a recent unfortunate incident at the Jacuzzi, we are going to close the Jacuzzi until the

damage has been repaired and the water values are sanitary. As you can see in the image below,

the irresponsibility of certain users has led to the closure of this facility. There are signs indicating

that the USE OF ANY LIQUID IS PROHIBITED, this causes chemical reactions with the sanitary

products contained in the water and has reached unhealthy levels.

It seems unbelievable to have to point out that all these actions are IRRESPONSIBLE,

IRRESPONSIBLE and HARMFUL to the community, as they prevent the use of other residents and

increase the costs we have.

I would also like to take advantage of this communication to make it known once again that the

use of the community's clean point must be responsible, and that waste must be left on the day

established by the council, THURSDAY, as we have received two warnings from the council, due

to the uncontrolled amount of waste and its deposit on any day and at any time.

Also, and to finish, this is the third time that we ask you not to tamper with the irrigation system,

this situation is occurring in the area of the villas del Rio. Now we already have automatic

irrigation, if the neighbours manipulate it, it leaves the tanks without water, the system fills with

air and causes new breakdowns and their costs.

The objective we have is to automate the installations to have a better performance and

efficiency, which allows us to save costs, as the objective is to be able to lower the quota, but it

is incomprehensible and above all disrespectful to the rest of the owners, to carry out these

actions, which harms us all and increases the costs we have to solve it (extra cleaning of

installations, breakdowns in the automatic systems, replacement parts...etc.).

We enclose a photograph of the state in which some neighbours left the JACUZZI, which is


Kind regards.

1 comment

1 Comment

David Godwin lear
David Godwin lear
Jul 14, 2022

It's unbelievable the stupidity of some people. Looks like it was done on purpose. Maybe it would be an idea to put the camera back in there as there is no emergency facility to raise alarm if someone is in difficulty, stroke. Heart attack, fall


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