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Indoor pool opening

The outdoor pool will be closed and the heated pool will be opened from next Monday, November 14. This year we are responding to the wish of many neighbors to open the swimming pool at changing hours. One week the pool is open from 7am to 3pm and the next week from 2pm to 10pm.

Despite the fact that it is not visible to residents, a lot of work is being done to overhaul our installations. You can probably still remember the photos from a few weeks ago that showed the terrible state of repair the installations were in. The pictures below show you the result of the hard work that our staff has done in the engine room of the indoor pool.

On the other hand, this morning we cleaned and disinfected the space for recycling and bulky waste. Hopefully this time there will be civil behavior and residents will respect that the deposit of furniture and white goods is ONLY ALLOWED on Wednesdays.

Tomorrow the same work will be performed to disinfect and clean the GFT containers.

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