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Energy subsidy


Through legal advice and research from our maintenance company, we have opted for the construction of a geothermal installation with 100% subsidy.

We are talking about a installation of great value that will be installed at no cost to the community, as they have published in the BOE a special grant for owners communities in the fight against climate change.

This means that all the hot water in the community (swimming pools, jacuzzis, showers, etc.) can be generated for free, at current electricity prices that will saves us 8,000 euros per month. This means that we can keep the facilities open longer and have a prospect of a possible reduction of the monthly contribution in the future.

If we succeed in obtaining this subsidy and also install solar panels, we can potentially save 80% on our energy costs. This translates into a saving of 12,800 to 15,000 euros per month with current energy prices.



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