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Security and employee management

CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) 


A new state of the art CCTV system is currently being finalized.


When installing CCTV, many things must be considered that you may overlook at first glance. We invited a security specialist to make a complete plan for our new camera installation. This plan includes what type of cameras are needed, their location, mounting and set up. Once the plan is created, we can be sure to install a solution that meets our budgetary and security goals.




Installing a total solution for camera security brings several advantages:


  • Camera security prevents crimes by deterring criminals, therefore preventing burglary, robbery and vandalism

  • If an incident should occur the images/video can be shared with the police (if necessary)

  • With the images from the security system, criminals can be identified and potentially prosecuted by the police.


Video patrolling


Due to the size and complexity of our urbanization, foot patrols are ineffective as they offer no or limited security. These will be replaced during the night shifts in the coming months and will be replaced by video patrol.


From the security booth at the entrance to the urbanization, an operator can systematically monitor the most vulnerable locations through Video Patrol


  • Vulnerable or Critical Areas

  • Remote and low areas of activity

  • Follow live incidents


Live incident tracking


When a incident is detected by the operator they will track all other elements which may be  involved. Surrounding cameras will be monitored to gather more information about the incidents.

Mobile management application


To improve the management and communication processes, we will soon introduce a mobile application for the management team and employees.


With this application, issues and incidents can be identified with photos and text. The management can assign tasks to specific employees, with the employee reporting back to management or department head on the progress of completing the task. With this app we will improve both efficiency and the productivity of the team whilst centralising maintenance information and communication flow.


If a maintenance team member observes an issue (cleaning, repair etc) during the day they can also report problems using the app. Once the incident is registered in the app, again the issue is assigned to an employee who will complete the task.

An application for all our data collection needs!

  • Collect and send information at anytime from anywhere

  • Avoid errors and improve accuracy

  • Ensure data availability and data security

  • Report technical, cleaning, gardening and security issues

  • Assign tasks to employees

  • Track monitor and analyse assigned tasks

  • Regulate data transfer between and among team members, suppliers etc



Time registration employees.


Previously there was no monitoring of employee's working hours. We want to ensure that the employees are working efficiently and creating the best value for owners and tenants. Consequently, we have decided to install an employee time management system. This time management system automatically keeps track of the working hours of employees.

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Security cameras

New events registration app

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WhatsApp Image 2022-08-31 at 11.25.01.jpeg

Digital registration of work shifts

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