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Pools and Spa



Technical issues: Total lack of maintenance and perfective maintenance, failure of the sand filters and chlorination system.


The outdoor pool is equipped with a chlorination system. Swimming pool chlorine generators (also known as saltwater pool chlorinators) create their own chlorine, meaning you don't need to add chlorine to the pool manually.


Saltwater Chlorinators use an electrolytic cell to sanitize a swimming pool. By adding a small amount of salt (sodium chloride) to the pool water, the cell converts the chloride contained in the salt water into chlorine. This is an extremely efficient and cost-effective method of sanitizing your pool.


Once the summer season had finished, the previous maintenance would simply switch off the equipment and lock the doors. However, this has catastrophic consequences for the equipment.

Procedure to winterize the Salt Generator

Remove the salt cells when winterizing the saltwater pool. Start by turning off all circuits to pool equipment, including the pool pumps. The plates inside the salt cells must have to be checked for scaly deposits. Any scale buildup must be removed, and the salt cells must be dried and stored in a dry place, you’ll need to drain and clean all pool equipment – pool pumps, filters, additional sanitizers, etc.


If we would not have replaced the installation, we would not have been able to use the outdoor swimming pool this summer. This would have had a massive impact for both the owners and residents over the summer.



Technical issues: Total lack of maintenance and neglect. One of the three compression motors, switchgear, display, air duct, and humidity extraction system are broken. The sand filter and stopcocks are leaking and flooding the engine room. The work to solve the technical problems and the overdue and preventive maintenance have now started to ensure that the indoor pool can open on time this year. A preventive maintenance program and procedures for plant shutdown after the winter season will be implemented.


Outcome: If the technical problems are not solved, we will not be able to open the indoor pool this year. Due to the problems with the extraction system, the humidity will exceed the legal standard, and the indoor pool will be closed by order of the local government.




Technical issues: The installation of the hammam is leaking and has current flow failure. Several parts are broken and the whole system is in poor condition causing electrical faults. The condition of maintenance of the motors, pumps and filters and the electrical installation of the Jacuzzi is very poor. The wood cladding of the sauna has dried out, the insulation and parts of the wood cladding need to be replaced.


The pictures of the spa tell the whole story.


Recently the pressure motor was replaced to keep the spa operational.


A complete overhaul is necessary to prevent regular failure or complete breakdown and is being planned.

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